Why Metal Is Losing Its Metallic Touch

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Five years. Five years into the genre and there is still an endless sea of music to explore. 7 years back, I started listening to Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Deep Purple and such classic acts. But 5 years from today I decided metal is my thing, my identity. It was right then when Music, and most importantly Metal, played an extremely supportive role in my life. It gave me hope, strength, and a dark alter-ego to myself, which was very much needed. Metal music has recreated me into a much more mature, strong and all in all, a better person. And I, never cared about what others listened to, or others’ opinions on what I listen to.


But, Metal is slowly becoming the meaning behind the picture above.

In these few years, I have found that a lot of people claim to be a ‘Metalhead’ considering it to be cool or to ‘fit in the scene’. On the other side of the fence there are the ‘old school metalheads’ feeling insecure that Metal is being ‘killed’ by new ventures like the newly brought to fame, “Djent” music and core music. Tag lines like ‘Core music is for emo fags’ became more like a fashion, with no necessity. Amidst this fight between ‘Real Metal’ and ‘Fake Metal’, there are fans like me who are sandwiched in between, just to witness this horrendous treatment of my genre where respect is given least value and other selfish desires, more. Needless to say, every coin has two sides to it and I have to exclaim, with a wrenched heart that there are a lot of new schoolers who actually fail to respect the bands without which there would be no new bands that they follow! Respect should flow from both sides, equally, to form a state of equilibrium.

I thought Metal was a genre of the outsiders? I thought it is the genre which is ‘different’ from the others and that’s why not ‘universally well accepted’? Well guess what, it looks like we’re coming back to square one. There is this part of the community that doesn’t accept and respect the newer sub-genres in Metal, making the latter, now the outsiders.

The very reason that we implement, while fighting for Metal, is spreading like an epidemic, creating a whole world of oxymorons, hypocrites and contradictions where scenes like the Core scene is now the genre of the outsiders, the genre which is not accepted, and the genre which is, where ‘Real Metal’ once was. I don’t believe in dissing a band and spreading hatred related to them just because I don’t like it. Many people wish to be born in the 80s because they think that the music back then was ‘real’ people with ‘real’ talent. I’m not saying that, in fact I like both the eras equally. The only reason I would like to be born in the 80s (excluding the glam vs thrash genre brawl) is because of the fans. From what I hear, fans then were much more supportive, united, and most of all, restricted their judgement within themselves. NOT shoving opinions down one another’s throats.

As different metal bands try different things, the fanbase tends to have a narrow-minded opinion on the experimentation. Mind you, they’re playing metal because they love it, and not for us. Then what different are we from the society if things are done for success and not passion? Experimentation is a risk taken by the musicians and not a trump card to sell out. Eg: Metallica, The Faceless, etc. So stop cribbing, move on and listen to something that suits your taste. You’d rather go support your local band who are working their asses off, rather than sitting in front of the computer and crib along like a kid deprived of candies.

I’ve always noticed a problem of insecurity and bigotry in us metalheads. Going out of your way to put down someone’s opinions and trying to show that we are more superior is a terrible thought in itself. Another sad problem we face is when a band gains mainstream success, it is flooded with hatred. Well, the band has now been accepted by a larger crowd, so what?! We tend to contradict ourselves by saying that metal is only a culture of the outsiders and is hated by everyone else, but when it does get accepted by a larger fanbase in the world, we still have a problem? Tch, tch.

Metal that was meant to ‘unite’ people and what is often called the ‘Metal Brotherhood’, just like how bands like Arch Enemy and Manowar boast of, and just like how different people with different opinions and thoughts come as one and mosh in one pit, now seems more like a raging battlefield. From attacking bands at a concert to spreading hatred on the social networking site, the Metal world that I knew, or rather thought of to be a ‘Listen to what you like and shut up’ community which gained so much respect in my life, is slowly coming to a dead end. I feel aghast, appalled, disgusted, and most of all, heart broken to see the fans of this genre, not paying enough respect or value to how it has changed not only me, but a million other people into a better, and stronger person.

Lastly I’d say, just like how the ‘Real Metal’ world wanted to be accepted by the rest of the world, similarly, the bands playing the newer genres wish for approval too. Don’t we know how it feels to not be accepted? Is it that tough to even respect a god damn band, others’ opinions and tastes? Is it that tough to share what we were fighting for, a few decades back? Is it so tough for you all to listen to what you like and shut up, ignoring the rest? And most of all, just to be yourself and not try to fit into any kind of scene to be “cool”? I don’t think so.

Now a large part of the community hates Slipknot but seriously, this deserves a mention.
“Now I’m not pretty and I’m not cool
But I’m fat and I’m ugly and proud – so fuck you”, taken from “I Am Hated” by Slipknot.

For those who care, I thank you for taking your time to read this and I do hope you can change the mindset of a lotta people out there. And for those who don’t care, you should ask yourself if you can live in a house that is infested with wild, toxic weeds and just stay cool about it. I can’t, and I did, and am doing my best to exterminate this parasite.

The only day I will be satisfied with what’s happening with my genre is when Metal is back to what it was supposed to be like. United.

I dont expect it to be a brotherhood because people are different and negativity is a part and parcel of life but we’d rather keep it to ourselves than start a shitstorm or add fuel to the fire yeah?

‘A group of people who listen to heavy, strong music, supporting a group of people playing heavy, strong music, Not necessarily united by opinions or tastes, but by the community we all exist in.’ That’s what I think.

I promote a lot of under-exposed metal in my own ways so if anybody is interested just have a look at my ‘About’ section.

EDIT : This is my reply to a few very common reactions I’ve got from this article. 

1. “This used to happen way back. It is nothing new.” – Well this article isn’t a war between the old and new era, this article was written because a particular problem disturbed me and is disturbing the image of metal to newcomers.

2. “Stop whining, listen to what you like and show your metal horns!” – Yes, that’s exactly what I’m requesting others to do. I’m not whining here, like I said in the above answer, the aforementioned problem is disrupting the image of metal.

3. “Stop trying to fuse core with metal music. You listen to Slipknot and A7x, you have no say.” – This article is exactly for people like you. I know what is metal and what isn’t. Asking Alexandria isn’t metal whereas a deathcore band like TBDM or All Shall Perish is surely a metal band. Either way, that is not at all the point I was trying to convey. And yes, I listen to Slipknot and A7x. I might not be listening to them much nowadays, as I’m totally into listening to under exposed bands, (currently Spiral Architect, Myrath, Mithras, Time Requiem and such) BUT, I respect them for lending a helping hand in  cementing metal as a spot in my life as my favourite genre.

4. “Stop hating on elitism, stop adding fuel to the fire, and stop trying to make metal a hippy brotherhood” – Hahaha, this one is the best of all. I’m all for elitism and if you’re an elitist, I’m obviously nobody to judge you. I’m not judging anyone here and am fighting against it really. Publicly hating on bands, and elitism has its hundred differences, and so does disliking a band. I dislike Blood on the Dance Floor and Black Veil Brides but I wont go about ranting on how they sound terrible publicly, unnecessarily. And no, I’m not asking the metal community to turn into a brotherhood, but you’d rather agree to disagree than initiate a raging battlefield, yeah?

P.S – I’m very open to sensible criticism and trolls are hilarious.

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  1. Marcus says:

    Everything you wrote is what is in my head but I lack the words to come up with such a fantastic page. UNITED WE STAND.

  2. paul Henderson says:

    well said

  3. Gopi rai says:

    Heavy metal music helped me become a much better person than i was before.I strongly agree to what i read n i too wish that metal wil once again become what it was…a flow of music that unites us as one,as a community,as METALHEADS….

  4. Chaitanya Amrutkar says:

    well written fact

  5. kabeer says:

    metalcore aren’t really outsiders there are many takers for their music, hits commercially quite successful i guess, imo as long as everything is done in jest and in good spirit then its all goos

  6. Kush says:

    Great article.
    Agree with what you say, man!

  7. We are an Anathema of sorts… Weird grin…
    Metal, I bow to you sir!

  8. Raphael Bagley says:

    Damn. Straight.

  9. Moosh says:

    So much ignorance and stupidity in this article, this person has clearly barely scraped the surface of Heavy Metal music.

  10. Glas Duše says:

    Very nicely put. I’m considering translating this text into my language. I would post a reference to the original, if you agree. It is really what I think of metal culture for few years. Word to word. Good job man. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. For indeed they are my thoughts too.

  11. Ally :3 says:

    Thank you for writing this article.. I know exactly what you’re talking about and what you’re trying to get across. Heavy metal has always been a huge inspiration and life saver for me. Without it, I wouldn’t be who I am. I wouldn’t have the insight I do, or the understanding and patience. I will always love heavy metal no matter what happens, and no matter what people say.

  12. Cristi says:

    Man, you’re right! Long live our brotherhood, Long live Heavy Metal!.

  13. Cameron says:

    personally i find that the discrimination (if that’s the right word) goes both ways. I’m more of an old school metal fan, but some of my friends who listen to core etc say that bands like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath aren’t “real” metal because the singers don’t roar. I also get told that Glam and Hair metal (as well as sleaze) isn’t “real” metal, and that bands such as Poison, and more recently Steel Panther, are “dated” to the 80s and are gay because they wear spandex and have long flamboyant hair. That said, I am guilty of criticizing some new bands, especially trivium, because some of their riffs sound eerily similar to songs by Dio and other “old school” rockers, my proof being Dio’s “We Rock” and Trivium’s “We Are the Fire”. I don’t wish I was i nthe 80s, cause I’d miss out on Steel Panther, Puddle of Mud, Airborne and all the other good bands that have come since!

    • vishimnotthesame says:

      Yeah this might be going both ways too, but either way, I feel it should stop. Hatred is a part and parcel of life, but promoting it, glorifying is what bothers me. Cheers!

  14. Greg C says:

    All my this!!!

    I cannot agree more. I love most metal, and that which I don’t like yet, give me a few years and I may like it. Slipknot, almost universally despised by “metalheads”, is in fact one of my favorites. Seeing them live was one of the highlights of my life.

  15. Noj says:

    You’ve managed to come across as my main hatred.
    A metal newb-know it all. Huge bands like manowar manage to avoid hatred by people, how do you explain that?
    I loathe modern dimmu borgir, compare it to their first outing – for all tid. They couldn’t be further apart and it is extremely clear that the band just decided to fuck everything and let’s make a shit tonne of money.

    Also during the 80s there was tonnes of shit, thrashers used to beat on glam fans and vice versa – the 80s was worse for violence and elitism but the scene was smaller.

    You know why metal isn’t united? Becausw people have the confidence to say – you’re a fucking dick. Rather than smile and please everyone.
    Wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • vishimnotthesame says:

      Maybe it does need confidence to call someone a dick, but is it really necessary? Wouldn’t you rather be positive about things, rather than spreading negativity? And if you really hate any band, keep it to yourself! There’s enough hatred in the world out there. Making negativity and hatred a synonym for metal music is just horrible. You call someone a dick when they deserve to be called one, and not when they have different opinions. Cheers.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you. Someone else gets it. And I know; I lived through it.

  16. Greg says:

    *clap* well said!

  17. J.K. says:

    Honestly, you coul’ved published an article every year since the 80s and struck a chord. But the turnover rate is high for those without dedication. Don’t sweat it.

  18. Will Downes says:

    Nice read

    There have always been divisions within the community. Sabbath versus Led Zeppelin: Metallica versus Slayer: Black Metal versus Death Metal. Because we care so deeply about our ‘outsider’ music there will always be very strong opinions about diversions and evolutions. For example, I really dislike emo with a passion. I will shout it from the rooftops and go door to door if I thought it could stop. Obviously as a rational human being I know this cannot happen and that it would be wrong to as the article above states and like-wise to resort to petty name-calling. As a male dominated genre there will always be competition between us as this is just human nature. Ask a Drum & Bass fan what they think about Dub-Step… To say the 80’s were a golden era is to completely misunderstand what it was really like. There were sub-factions that all hated each other as they all thought their metal was the most metal, much like today. And we didn’t even hold it to just our own genre, Disco Sucks anyone?

    As metal fans none of us should feel the need to crave acceptance. To do so is to be un-metal. Metal in whatever genre is the middle finger to everyone or at least it should be. This is where we get to the real issues between real metal and fake metal. And yes, this IS the correct way to term it. Real metal is about the music and fake metal is about the teen $’s. Real metal deals with strong often violent issues not some sob story about how some girl doesn’t like you. Real metal is about standing up against everything and not about cowering in self pity and doubt. Real metal fans don’t rob you when you go to the Download festival. There is plenty of anger there but unlike with emo and some core bands it is not mis-placed. We are angry that a music we have invested so much of our time is exploited to naive children that completely misunderstand what this is really all about.

    However, what a lot of the ‘community’ seem to forget is that we were all brought in via a gateway band, a commercial band. I didn’t get up one day as an 11 year old and suddenly start loving Darkthrone. Slipknot and SOAD were the bands that brought me back into the Dark. I’m not ashamed of this but I don’t listen to them anymore as I have evolved beyond them and refined my taste.

    What the ‘community’ (I hate using that word) dislike are the Jonny come latelys or the Phasers who will be over metal once they stop being angry with their parents and the crap deal that they have been dealt in life. This appears to always be who the newer music is aimed at, the next scene etc. This is is what I resent. Real metal fans have loved the genre for most of their lives and continue to do so into adulthood (I’ve passed 30 btw) despite all the constant interrogations from family and friends as to when they will grow out of it. We are the people who really drive metal forward, we are the ones who invest in obscure music that enables new scenes to exist, we are the ones who will pick you up when some twat knocks you over in the pit and most importantly we are the ones who will form the bands.

    Long live Metal (even emo, if it must)

    • vishimnotthesame says:

      I read your comment on the IFLHM page wondering when your comment will be accepted haha so it made me curious and I decided to hop onto the computer earlier than usual. Well each to their own, but I cant stand it when people say metal must be strong and such. Sure, I love listening to death metal, hell even brutal death metal in that case but that doesn’t mean metal shouldn’t have emotions in the music, and after all, we’re humans. Happiness, sorrow, anger and such is a part of life. And you pretty much contradict yourself there when you call fake metal to contain emo lyrics and then you go on to say, “Long live metal, even emo if it must”. Either way dude, much respect to your opinion and I always accept criticism as long as it makes sense. Lets agree to disagree. Cheers!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. The metal newbies kill me with their “Between the Buried and Me introduced breakdowns into the scene, man, they’re true visionaries,” without knowing Iniquity was slipping them in back in the 90’s, well before my time (I am 25).

      The fact that “core” was originally the screamo and hardcore of about eight years ago with a different name today is irritating. If they want to call themselves metal then we will acknowledge the fact that Avenge Sevenfold’s blackish metal roots of the late 90’s and early 2000’s before they back a mainstream rock band. Just because they have metal qualities doesn’t make them a metal band (Five Finger Death Punch anyone?)

      Nu-metal is a genre, just like metal core is, but I would be hard pressed to say that metal core is more metal than Nu-metal based on what this gentleman said: subject matter. You go and tell Napalm Death that KillWhitneyDead is a metal band and see what they say. Little girls music and throw their pint of English ale in your face.

      Bands can become mainstream and none of us have a problem with it, it’s when it becomes about money or they change themselves as a band (In Flames??????). They lose their metal identity and become something different. Perhaps Katatonia got to get away easier with it when they became a metal alternative band….. but they didn’t lose their identity.

      I don’t include new age “core” because in my mind “core” is subject to grind and that’s all it ever will be. Call me old fashion but can you honestly blame me? “Death core” is just “metal core” and “hard core” with a new name and it’s still just as lame as it once was.

    • Letty says:

      “As metal fans none of us should feel the need to crave acceptance. To do so is to be un-metal. Metal in whatever genre is the middle finger to everyone or at least it should be. This is where we get to the real issues between real metal and fake metal. And yes, this IS the correct way to term it. Real metal is about the music and fake metal is about the teen $’s. Real metal deals with strong often violent issues not some sob story about how some girl doesn’t like you. Real metal is about standing up against everything and not about cowering in self pity and doubt.”

      Now if only I could give an analysis like this… People like you Will Downes understand what metal is all about, and I have read and loved every bit of your reply.It’s really naive to accept, embrace, and respect (whatever that means) other genres that are forcing themselves to be recognized as metal (nu-metal??) when there is nothing metal to be proud about in them.

      • vishimnotthesame says:

        Oh Letty, why don’t you ever letty go? Hahaha. Hey, all cool. Criticism accepted.

      • yea so true. when people find out i’m a metal fan they look at me all weird coz they don’t expect me to be and i don’t have the stereotypical “look” of one. but i love metal!!

        and yes i agree with what you said about it dealing with strong and often violent issues, and standing up against everything and not about cowering in self pity and doubt.

    • for me the band that got me into metal was Fear Factory. but it wasn’t until later that i really got into it. and the bands that i listened to were nu-metal which i now find to be a bit too simplistic and mainstream. like KoRn for example. they turned into mainstream pop incorporating dubstep into their music, which i can’t stand.
      i am more into hardcore, metalcore, death and goth/industrial metal now. though i still occasionally listen to some nu-metal. i also like power metal and black metal. i don’t know if aggro-tech is classified as metal but i recently discovered it. though i am not that into it.

      i just love how diverse the metal genre is. with so many different variations. you could literally spend a lifetime discovering them all.

  19. Steph says:

    Great article, you’ve said what’s really needed to be said. Thought you might like to know that this article was featured on the “I fucking love Heavy Metal” Page on facebook, it’s got some great comments about your article on it. Link here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-fucking-love-Heavy-Metal/201990153259753?ref=stream

    • vishimnotthesame says:

      I noticed! Even commented back, thanking everyone for taking time to read it, be it criticism or appreciation. And thank you!

  20. Fuzz Generation says:

    Fuck. Yeah.

  21. Kaladan says:

    It’s all about who’s the most “metal” now, man.

  22. Richard B says:

    A great read. In my experience, it is almost always the heavier metal genre fans that smack down on less “brutal” metal. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve been berated by black metal fans particularly just because I love power metal – and ironically, because I like Rock. It’s gone to the point where I’ve started to judge people on the basis if they like black metal or not, as I almost always will get lashback for telling them my taste in music.

    “What? You like that shit? Power metal? Oh, -Melodic- power metal? That’s even wussier, man.”

    “At least it doesn’t sound like a bunch of kids with ADHD and tourettes stole their mothers’ fucking kitchen appliances to bang on randomly.”

    “Oh, you had to go there, didn’t you?”

    “I did, bitch.”

    I love discussing music with people. Primarily due to the simple reason that you simply cannot be wrong when it comes to music – it is a taste matter, and calling someone out for liking something is like criticizing them for enjoying a particular kind of food. But when I get constantly attacked by those “NOT BRUTAL ENOUGH” morons, I can’t help but develop a defensive stance against them.

    Fucking lighten up. Metal is not about being the most brutal or hardcore – that shit belongs in the “being cool” and “having a phase” bullshit that people talk about. Everytime I talk to someone who goes “Oh, you still listen to metal? I had that phase at around the age of 18”, I always get to hear how he drifted towards the most brutal, nasty sounding (and thus provoking) metal he could find, which almost inevitably had him end up amongst black metal listeners. I’m not saying that all black metal listeners are posers, what I am saying is this:

    Black metal fans, step the fuck up and punt those assholes out of there. At the very least, don’t jump on their bandwagon of hate against less “brutal” sounds in the genre. I don’t want to have to defend my fucking TASTE in music amongst those who are supposed to be my brothers and sisters.

    • vishimnotthesame says:

      I totally agree with you on that dude! Cheers! And thanks!

    • Guy says:

      To be fair, it is not only the fans of “more brutal” metal that hit on those of “less brutal” metal. You will have a fair share of metal fans who can only stand “normal” vocals bash on those who also or exclusively like death or black metal vocals for instance. So it goes both ways.

  23. Seraphale says:

    Damn. Good article. I will say that, as someone who was born in the 70’s, I do remember the 80’s “metal brotherhood” that came from the relative isolation which would be felt by someone who listened to heavy metal. It *wasn’t* a widely accepted genre (ha!) and back then there was no way to go jump on the internet and find other people who shared your interests. Metal t-shirts were our sovereign flags; that’s what you looked for in potential allies.

    Listening to metal involved saving up your cash to go down to the music store to buy one or two tapes, then spending hours in your room listening to them by yourself or with the one or two of your friends who also might be into it. No matter how much you loved it, 98% of the people in your life wouldn’t give a shit, and in fact would tell you to turn the noise down. A person would be overjoyed to find other human beings who liked metal, no matter what bands they listened to. To understand was enough.

    Having said all this, I also remember secretly labeling anyone who listened to certain hair metal bands as posers. Back then it was Metallica, Maiden, and Slayer against Poison, Warrant, and Bon Jovi. The difference between now and then, again goes back to the contrast between isolation and the internet. Would you be more tolerant of someone who had slightly different interests if they were one of the few people you might *ever* know who sort-of “got” you? Back then there was no strength in numbers (imagined or otherwise) except maybe at concerts, but by then you would be so happy to see so many metalheads in one place that it was ALL good. There was no such thing as e-thuggin, or sitting behind your keyboard in your basement with the other 3,000 of your internet friends bitching about some band and how much you hate them/ they’re ruining the genre.

    I think it all comes down to a collective disconnect from meatspace. We may have isolated ourselves, but we’re never really alone, and as a species we’ve become some whiny, angry little bastards. It’s a feedback loop, and if it’s ever going to change people will have to kill the weeds, as you said.

  24. Edman says:

    I completely agree with the sentiments here, but this really is nothing new. Even back in the 80s (which I witnessed firsthand in the New York City area), there was thrash, hair metal (which no one even bothers to call “metal” anymore); there was the N/Y/H/C scene (hard core), and other factions. Even back down to the fighting over who was the best metal band in the world – Judas Priest or Iron Maiden (dude, it was totally fucking Maiden!).

    It’s typically the younger, angrier fans – the ones that metal greets and welcomes with open arms. As we mature with it, we come to understand that even if we don’t like a particular band, it’s still a hell of a lot better to listen to than Rhianna, and we find ways to appreciate it.

    I’ve been around metal a long time. It started with Pyromania and Metal Health in 1983, progressed into Powerslave and Live After Death in 1985, and snowballed from there. Randy Rhoads posthumously inspired me to play guitar. Today, I love everything, with the possible exception of the really brutal death stuff. Why can’t I enjoy Periphery (djent), Slipknot (like ’em or not, Vol 3 was a masterpiece), and everything else? Hell, I can even appreciate a group like Black Veil Brides, who look like a bunch of vampire chicks. Why? They write catchy, decent songs and play reasonably well. I may find their look embarrassing, but I enjoy the music. And it’s not Justin Beiber.

    You can, too. The more we allow people to faction and divide what we love, the more we become their victims, and if there’s anything metal is NOT about, it’s becoming someone else’s bitch.

    • vishimnotthesame says:

      Agreed. I’m myself just 18 and hence, didn’t know how it was like, back in the 80s, apart from reading about it. And yes, it doesn’t matter even if you listen to metal AND listen to Beiber. I personally can’t stand his music but many have been inspired by him and I’m happy for that part. Let them be, and let us be to ourselves. It just sucks to feel so negative around, for example on a metal page. Cheers!

  25. Rodrigo Diaz says:

    Dude, those are good words and I agree with you in every sense. We metalheads are a brotherhood. I’m also sorry to see what has become of it nowadays and hope that we see the good ‘ol united days return in the future. Cheers! \m/

  26. John Doe says:

    An 18 year old kid quoting Slipknot to get his point across. What an ignoramus.

    You want everyone to be ‘positive’ all the time then we all need to step into your fantasy world. You’re just 18 kid. You haven’t seen or heard anything yet. Ever thought that the ‘hate’ between scenes is because one GENUINELY doesn’t like the music of the other? Or is that too simple an explanation for your feeble mind?

    Like someoe said earlier, at least we have the balls to be honest and say that we don’t like something instead of the hippie attitude you suggest we all adopt. Well fuck you. Grow up and get a spine.

    • vishimnotthesame says:

      Wow, the unnecessary anger in you amuses me. Sorry but I don’t measure maturity by age, and why? Well you can see for yourself as to who “lost their cool” on something they despise! haha! I pity people like you to be honest, but yes I genuinely don’t like a lot of bands myself, but how many times should I tell you all, is it really necessary to shove it down someone’s throat? No. You hate Slipknot, keep the fuck to yourself. Show your anger and your “pair of balls” on something that matters and when it is needed. Not when people have different opinions.

  27. This basically breaks it all down if I’m not mistaken. If you like it listen to it support it, if you don’t then just move on its so simple.
    No need to talk down on a band just move on, however it doesn’t hurt to be open minded.

  28. Abdullah says:

    i agree with ya completely…every single word is 100% correct
    greetings from Pakistan \m/

  29. CrustFan says:

    I look at myself 3 years in the past, when I used to be among the kind who’d diss anything that isn’t “old school”. Now, I feel like an idiot. Although yes, I still despise most bands that I did back then, I don’t entirely discredit the entire genres due to gross misrepresentations of them, nor do I actively spend time hating on them. Although, yes, I might do so occasionally for trolling, but that too is rare, nowadays. I’ve got a lot more to do, like explore and discover good music, instead of publicly expressing my dislike for something and wasting several minutes of my life.

  30. MouaDD Mopima says:

    My mind, right there..

  31. Johnny Ringo says:

    Clearly your definition of metal is different from mine, also, why does it matter whether someone else likes what you listen to? I have been a fan of metal for a long time, and I have never cared whether someone complained about bands I like…to worry about that kind of stuff is just stupid. Also, why would you want the entire metal community to band together like a bunch of hippie assholes…without disagreement there would be no progression.

    If you like the genre because of the music, just listen to it and have fun….don’t worry if people think what you listen to is lame, it’s your ears not theirs, bro.

    Also, when you start to get bored of all the garbage being put out these days and marketed as metal and lose hope in the genre, go explore the 80’s thrash and 90’s old school death metal scenes…there’s a whole lot of fun stuff to explore, which is why metal is my genre of choice.

  32. This made my cry. Thank you.

  33. Guy says:

    While I might agree on your sentiment, you have to keep in mind (or just have it, since you might be too young to have this perspective) that nowadays any dumbass can leave his comments and publish his opinion on a website (that’s what we’re both doing), and angry people tend to feel the need to voice their opinions more than calmer or happier people. Therefore, you’ll see more bashing and feuds in the metal scene (or any scene) nowadays on a regular basis than in the 80s. As others have pointed out, the 80s were fraught with feuds between fans and bands, but they were relayed via fanzines and magazines and that was it. And there were enough bands singing about uniting as metal fans (e.g., Judas Priest). So there was more of a balance back then than there is now.

    Also, one has to recognize that some older metal fans/musicians will have developed enough experience to identify when some bands blatantly plagiarize some riffs and only produce derivative music, as opposed to some bands who advance metal music as a whole. Just like in any scene, everything cannot be good, and it seems fair that some point out that some bands just suck, as long as some arguments are provided. Whole genres are also rarely bad as a whole, so putting down a whole genre is usually silly.

    Just my two cents as a middle-aged metal fan.

  34. Wei says:

    I think part of the reasons why -core music gets bashed so much is that many bands albeit sounding similar to other genres come out and claim to be xxcore. Also, there are many bands that follow the Pantera golden songs formula.

    Of course, nevermind saying that Hardcore usually means punk by old-school definition.
    So the confusion could easily spark all the hate.

    Personally I don’t mind music in any form, I even like good rap, but as metalhead, i do believe that “true emotions” is what most metalheads are looking for, not some whinning complaining bitching shit as apparent in many other genres, particularity in emo and core. However, in the Grunge case, those bands do have a more realistic painful whine, thats why people didn’t bash them so hard compared to -core bands.

    But just looking at composition level, other than the core songs formulas, core isn’t that horrible.
    But looking at the emotional values, i do think core music lacks the kick.

  35. Chales Luck says:

    I agree with much of what you are saying here. I happen to be old enough to have been around back when metal started. The in-fighting may have occured back then, but not where I grew up. Meeting another metal fan from my area meant I could hear a lot more metal that I hadn’t heard before. And that is the way it continues to be for me even now. The metal forums contain so much of this in fighting crap I have abandoned them as a source to find new metal. I read several different metal blogs etc, and find much of what they recommend as the best of the year albums, to be crap. But I check it out none the less. Always trying to find new stuff I like. I wish all the little cunts trolling the forums would crawl back under their bridges, but that isn’t going to happen. If it wasn’t for causing chaos they would have no life. So I will continue to avoid the places they haunt. I will keep to the places where people are looking to find new friends and new music. The internet has changed the way all metalheads interact. Some of it is good, and some of it not so much. Later, Chuck.

  36. Juan Burgos says:

    You sir deserve a medal!

  37. Helena says:

    That was so well written and very true.
    I hope every person who listens to metal, reads this.

  38. Rohan says:

    i’m a 17 year old … new to metal … it’s been just like 7 or 8 months that I got into the Real Genre .. and I’m amazed how metal music has strenthened my personality .. made me a better person .. turned my life around \m/ …

    and yeah .. awesome article 😀

  39. Nick says:

    All these people who think metal is about being hateful and spiteful and territorial sound like dumbass ganster thugs.

    We need more people with this mindset in the metal scene! Not these elitist cunts.

  40. Jon Shropshire says:

    There’s no possible way for me to agree MORE on this. These same thoughts fester in my mind to the point that it’s almost unbearable to continue searching for music the way I used to. Constantly skimming through pages of reviews/blogs just to see where a band is getting bashed, or someone is saying “this band sucks, they’re copycats of so and so.” It’s garbage. If you’re playing what you love, it shouldn’t matter if it’s similar. I actually LOVE finding that in a band. If I’m REALLY digging on an album (popular, or not) and I happen upon another band that sounds SIMILAR, it makes me happy. I’m a musician myself. I’ve been one since age 12 and I’m 27 now.. I’m not popular and I don’t plan to be. There’s too much of a demand for, “HEY, YOU SHOULD DO THIS!!” And it’s just like, “HEY!!! I’m writing the music, I’ll do what I want.” Every artist wants recognition, but sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it. Sometimes it feels better as just keeping it as a hobby, because I can actually love what I do without worrying if someone will like it or not.

    • vishimnotthesame says:

      Couldn’t agree more with you! After all, without the mainstream, there would be no gateway to metal at all! Thanks for agreeing. Cheers!

    • vishimnotthesame says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you! After all, without mainstream there would be no gateway to metal! Cheers for agreeing! Your support means a lot!

  41. Archetype says:

    Indeed. We always keep fighting and hating about different music. We should think about this. Hatred in Metal and in general is like a fucking parasite and its killing us. I hope that someday instead of being stupid assholes, we respect to each other in Metal.
    Here (Internet) everyone is trolling or being ofensive, I wonder if they see you in real life they would call you the same way as here.

    P.D.: I apologize for my english, I’m not an english speaker xD


  42. Trevor says:

    Dude thank u for writing this this is exactly how I feel it disgusts me to see all the bickering and hate on these music pages people slinging mud and shit at other people because their opinions differ there needs to be more mentality like ours in this scene brother it’s all metal to me and I love most of it and just don’t listen to what I don’t

  43. Ricardo says:

    Metal gives me the attitude to be strong, mind-centered person. I love it and I listen to every genre. If the band’s good, I listen to them. Well, said my friend.

  44. hadibouy says:

    I am 20 and new to metal. It has been almost 2-3 years now and I started with Megadeth. But at the same time I listened to Avenged Sevenfold as well. I have met many older or rather more “metal” guys who find it funny that I like A7x. And, i guess my reaction to them was something that i had learned after I started listening to metal. I really didnt cared what others felt. I never realised it but metal actually made me a better person. It just happened. Now I am not ashamed to present my opinion in a group of people. Its not just about music but a whole lot of other things too! What I really loved about this post was that you deny hatred, negativity. which is exactly what I am against. I see so many people cursing others of what they do or love rather than appreciating themselves. This world has become more judgemental than it used to be. People judge based on what you listen. There is a lot of negativity around and it needs to be changed.

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