Why Metal Probably Isn’t Your Cup Of Tea

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Metal confronts what we’d rather ignore.

Metal celebrates what we’d often deny.

Metal indulges in what we fear the most.

And that’s why, metal will always be a culture of the outsiders!


When these words were said by Sam Dunn during the ending of the Metal documentary, “Metal : A Headbanger’s Journey”, I could feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I was introduced to metal by my father at the age of 12 or so, if you exclude my years of classic rock and classic metal. My first three metal bands being Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. Ironically enough, it was this very father who beat me up (understandably so, anyone would get pissed off if their son listened to death metal at the age of 12 especially if that person does not understand death metal) and deleted every song from my Ipod that had explicit language in it because he caught me listening to Cannibal Corpse back in 8th grade.

And today, I walk around proud, wearing my Butchered At Birth t-shirt in the open. People stare, and some even wonder if I’m some kind of antisocial being. But all I do, is laugh. Anyone else would try and say that they’re normal, just like the rest. But we, metalheads? We are one of a kind, and I’m proud of that.

Listening to Cannibal Corpse doesn’t make me antisocial at all, and neither am I glorifying these subjects. Listening to death metal is just like an audio version of a horror movie, with music in it, and either way, nobody is naive enough to believe in it or take it seriously. Although, there are exceptions of metal actually causing havoc in the society, *cough* Varg *cough*. But can anybody name something which has no alter-ego to it?

If metal SPEAKS about killing and such things, there is religion that actually DOES it in the name of god! In my country, people hurt themselves and “sacrifice” animals just to seek salvation? Salvation is something where one can get only in utopia. Preservation from destruction and evil is inevitably impossible in this world, and like Dio would say,

The world is full of Kings and Queens 
Who blind your eyes then steal your dreams 
…it’s Heaven and Hell, oh well

And THAT is what we aren’t afraid to accept! Irrespective of whether one believes in Satan or God, one should accept the fact of life, which includes the dark things that the society out there neglects. In a world filled with bigger problems like corruption, religious exploitation, and much more, Metal is made to be just another scapegoat whereas that same finger should be pointed right at yourself! In this hypocritical world, the majority just flocks in, like sheep in the herd. Thus, remaining a coward.

Metal, on the contrary, has saved many lives. For millions out there, it is their fuel to drive past the day. This kind of music accepts the world the way it is. It is all about opening people’s eyes to the truth. I personally connect with metal music because of its uniqueness, its bold musicality and lyrical themes, its immense versatility and diversity, and to top it all, the vast outlook on how to interpret things, that is solely based upon your mindset. With a million subgenres to juggle around, metal easily reigns as the most diverse genre ever! So I could go on has to how metal is one of the most beautiful things I have ever come across but if I had someone put a gun to my head to make it short, I’d say,

“Listening to metal music is like the most adventurous, deep and meaningful voyage filled with umpteen discoveries that the world outside will never unveil.”

And with that, I’m open to listening to any kind of metal music as long as it has the spirit, and zest in it to make it what metal music is now. Your opinion about metal might not have changed by reading this article, and if not, I really don’t care. But if you really are interested in exploring metal music, worry not, for you have the rest of your life to explore the largest sea in the world, the sea of metal. I would like to conclude by taking an excerpt from the same movie I started with,

“Ever since I was 12 years old, I had to defend my love for heavy metal against those who say it’s a less valid form of music. My answer now is that you either feel it or you don’t. If metal doesn’t give that overwhelming surge of power that make the hair stand up at the back of your neck, you might never get it, and you know what? That’s okay, because judging by the 40,000 metalheads around me we’re doing just fine without you.”

NOTE – I have NOT written this article with an aim to glorify myself as a human, but just to merely make the common man understand metal. We are all equal. Cheers.

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  1. hellcat760 says:

    that was awesome and clearly explain why we love Metal. its catharic! Just say you’ve come home after a shitty day at work. What’s better: take it out on your loved ones (and risk ruining friendships/relationships?) or shut yourself away from the world for a bit to your favourite Metal band and scream/headbang away your frustration. The other awesome thing about Metal – as was mentioned – it the sheer variety. I listen to Stone Sour, Cannibal Corpse and everything in between, even mixing a bit of Hardcore in. If I’m in a shitty mood, I listen to heavier stuff. If I’m happy, I listen to more energetic Metal (live albums are great for this!) to keep myself upbeat. You can dip in and out of different genres depending on what you feel like.

  2. amit says:

    fuck!! great man keep it up \m/

  3. AD1792 says:

    shaken. hand on heart. Proud! \,,/

  4. Akshay says:

    Was introduced to metal the same way at the same age… I can only, but agree with you. well said, and we are proud to be outsiders, our minds are free, and that is what the realm of society cannot stand.

  5. Mark says:

    No offence, but the article is a bit weak. You cite metal as this amazing message of truth. While some bands definitely aim on putting a message out there. Some bands just grunt away with ‘sick sounding lyrics’. But it is as you say later on ‘solely based on upon your mindset.’. The interpretation of any song is dependent on the listener. Metal does not have a monopoly on spreading the truth. The “truth” can be found in many different styles of music. Be it metal, blues, rock, classical or hip hop to name a few.

    As far as metal being ‘the most diverse genre ever’. It’s a bit silly to hold on to the metal label in such a situation. The term metal in itself means nothing. Can we really consider the experimental sometimes rather complex music of ‘Death’ similar enough to the medieval sounds of ‘Blind Guardian’ to be grouped in the same genre? Not really.

    I also find it a bit strange that you’d end your article saying you don’t really care if people arent “converted” by your article. Followed by a quote that essentially tries to say the same. Not only does it make me wonder why you have written it. It mainly comes across as a layer of arrogance filled with a chewy center of insecurity.

    Also, don’t think that I’m some kind of ‘metal hater’. I’ve listened to certain metal bands when I was younger and some of these I still listen to.

    • vishimnotthesame says:

      Your first point makes no .. point? You’re rather giving your opinion on my points. Which of course I do respect.

      Just the fact that a band like Death cannot be classified in a category along with Blind Guardian justifies my point of metal being so diverse. Both being death metal and power metal, respectively. Metal is defined by the sound of the guitars, and if certain parameters are met, you can classify a band into metal. Then comes the further classification of sub-genres. It is like every square is a rhombus but not every rhombus is a square. Death and Blind Guardian for example, are surely very different, but they do have similarities.

      Moreover, I listen to every kind of music, be it metal, rock, blues, jazz, classical or anything that has some quality in it. See I wrote this article not to “convert” people but to make people aware that metal is not the blasphemy that society purports it to be. Although if someone is all of a sudden interested in metal after reading this article, I don’t see anything wrong in it. Keeping in mind that it really doesn’t matter if that one or a handful of people’s opinions on metal didn’t change. Something like you take your horse to the water, but do drink it or not is upto the horse.

      Your criticism is accepted man. All cool.

  6. Very good article.. U should read the paper I wrote in college on the stereotypes against heavy metal.. I went in depth with origins, religion, and logic. Pretty much influenced with the head bangers journey.

  7. Mark says:

    Ofcourse you CAN group Death and Blind Guardian in the same genre. But what’s the meaning of the genre and what’s the point? The use of genres is to be able to refer to a set of music in which every song/band/whatever share certain common elements. The broader a genre becomes, the less it means. You should also wonder as to what the meaning of your title actually is in this scenario. ‘Why this big blob of music that holds different themes, subjects, rythm patterns, guitar sounds, vocal sounds, image, lyrics and instruments is probably not your cup of tea.’. If you’re dealing with such a broad set of things quotes as ‘Metal confronts what we’d rather ignore’ arent really that accurate. Some metal might confront what we’d rather ignore, but a lot of metal doesnt. Someone could’ve taken a quick dab in the sea of metal through a personal relation which only introduced this person to neo-nazi black metal. It holds the label ‘metal’ but surely it does not hold the virtues that you loudly applaud about the genre of metal. Ofcourse you could say about neo-nazi black metal that it ‘celebrates what we’d often deny’, but I don’t think that that’s what Sam Dunn meant when he said that.

  8. We love fighting, but then, that’s who we are… the Brawlers…!

  9. hardcorexposure says:

    very well said and my sentiments exactly ….the marginalizing and arrogance that i see only serves to taint and erode a very strong very righteous genre of music that has fought, survived only to be stabbed with a “sell out” when it begins to thrive. Bands just like individuals grow and progress and become more skilled and their music is a reflection of that growth and journey….period. respect and acceptance within the community is what will continue this kick ass empowering and much needed life saving music and outlet. let each generation have the metal that reflects their time in history and show them how to respect and appreciate the roots of it.

    • Korgull says:

      “the marginalizing and arrogance that i see only serves to taint and erode a very strong very righteous genre of music that has fought, survived only to be stabbed with a “sell out” when it begins to thrive.”

      For the majority of Metal’s history, that marginalizing and arrogance is what made Metal thrive in the first place. You think Metal would be as good if no one bothered to tell all the wannabe-Thrashers that came around in the late 80s to fuck off and stop being uncreative bastards? Think Metal would be what it is now, if Glam hadn’t been completely marginalized in the legitimate Metal scene because it was commercialized trash marketed to trendies and posers, allowing the focus to remain on making legitimately good music?

      The arrogance that you hate so much is what caused Metal bands to try to create and explore new musical routes when things got stale. Look at what’s happened ever since Metal stopped that and became all “WE MUST ACCEPT EVRYTHIN THAT IS CALLED METL”, since the mid-90s, Metal has turned into an abhorrent cesspool of dumbed-down, overly-commercialized trash. Quality control is a necessity if you want to keep the quality of Metal high.

      • ITA. without weeding out the trash metal would be just like all the other music. just a bunch of crap put together by producers and marketed to the masses.

        metal is a unique genre in that fans are so passionate about it that we scrutinize every aspect to the nth degree. and without this scrutiny it wouldn’t be where it is today.

  10. my only comment is that varg (vocalsit and musical creator of Burzum) was black metal. difference being, death metal and black metal are very similar, but black metal is about the hypocrisy of religion. or, true black metal rather. thats why people take that stuff seriously, not because theyre naive, but because of their beliefs in the spiritual aspect of life. Dimmu Borgir is a good modern example of this. they right most (not all) of there stuffed based around the flaws of man kind, specifically that of organized religion, and even more specifically, the roman catholic church. im in a band myself, and i write about what helps me in my heart. the stuff that frees me of the shit i feel. not the stuff that will fill my pockets.

  11. Arnab Kumar Dutta says:

    Well man you guys forgot about the album ” Christ Illusion” which was banned in many countries due to its album art. but if you listen to each song you will find what the real truth not what the cover art says. Slayer doesn’t have any death growls but still its not understood by many derps here & there. and speaking of Hip hop its just a piece of shit . i personally respect Eminem though. that guy speaks about the truth as like the metal subgenres do. and returning to the point about Christ illusion , my country which banned it itself has pogroms gone here and there for centuries and there still is hypocrisy everywhere. well speaking about Varg Vikerness we shouldn’t forget what kinda guy Euronymous was:Inhuman . so true Black metal , thrash / death etc etc how loud or explicit are should remain underground. we have seen how punk rock had a sad demise after the punk bands went mainstream to a large extent. Much Bubble Gum pop punk speaking against consumerist bullies of the world. i myself listen to Cannibal corpse as well as a big fan of grunge | obviously Nirvana!! So its better not to bitch around with other genres and its fan populace as they aren’t worth arguing with. its just a waste of time

  12. MadSatan says:

    The article lacks the ‘passion’ or ‘madness’ which a metalhead exudes in his/her arguments. May be you’re still in the initial phase of discovering that passion (which is perfectly all right). And I’m not criticizing you! \m/\m/

  13. niki says:

    wow its written so well

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